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Tikolah (tee-co-lah), derived from the Kru dialect of Liberia, means “home” or “resting place”. The idea of Tikolah Collection was conceptualized to celebrate and showcase some of the amazing work of African people, both on the continent and in the diaspora. The goal is for this blog to be the “resting place” for consumers to engage with a collection of African-owned and operated brands around the world. Tikolah Collection will also serve as a medium to engage with Africans in many areas including parenting, creating, traveling, branding, building, and much more. The need to support and uplift the achievement of emergent and existing brands, as well as dispel stereotypes, is crucial for the continued success of our people. We possess a great deal of talent and it is time we showcase and celebrate it.

My Story

My name is Cerise, aka Reesee, and I am the founder of Tikolah Collection. I am Liberian-American, mom of three wonderful boys, whom I like to refer to as kings! They are my pride and joy. I take great pride in my roots and can trace my bloodline to Grandcess, Liberia and Thomasville, GA. I was born in the US and raised in Liberia, where I spoke Kru (my Mother’s native dialect) before learning to speak English. I lived and thrived in Liberia from 6 months old until the civil war, that forced me and my family to relocate to the Unites States.

I have a deep pride in the land, culture, and people of my homeland. This pride was instilled in me at a very early age. My grandmother, Agnes, insisted on speaking Kru to me even after we settled in the US. She repeatedly told stories of my lineage and how the Portuguese ships came to the coast of Grandcess. I’m working hard at instilling this pride and knowledge in my children. My pride allows me to effortlessly rock Ankara in the board room or a Broadway play. It allows me to switch accents without hesitation, when necessary. Yes, despite the devastation of war and Ebola, I believe in an emergence of great things for Liberia’s future and that of the continent. It is this very belief that allows me to easily celebrate my African Pride. It is the same belief that led to Tikolah Collection as a concept.
Join me on this journey to discover, showcase and celebrate our accomplishments as a people.
“The harvest is upon us! The time is now! We lack nothing. Our success is greater than our failures…We must reap the seeds planted by our foremothers. Workers need to till the soil of our greatness!” ~ Danai Gurira
I aspire to be the worker with Tikolah as the tool to till the soils of our greatness!


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