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Next in the wedding series is fashion, of course! If you are of African descent you know there has to be at least one change of outfit. Let’s not forget the matching outfits by close friends and family. Nigerians refer to this as Asoebi. The meaning behind it is solidarity, and cooperation during festivities.

Choosing styles, colors, and fabric can be a stressful process for some.  Most young women dream of that one of a kind dress for that special day.  Many others go through the process of picking a bridesmaid dress that flatters everybody type in the bridal party.  Well, if you are thinking of some unique looks with flair, then consider designer Melody Asherman of Everrything RRouge, as featured on Munaluchi Bride!  Let’s get to know the designer behind the brand a little more.

Melody attended Tuskegee University and studied psychology while suppressing the urges of her creative side. You see, most African parents push their children to be doctors, lawyers, engineers….  Like a good daughter, she completed her schooling and earned her degree in psychology.  The entire time she was at Tuskegee, she was designing and doing fashion shows.  She was still feeding that fire!  Upon graduating she decided to feed her creative side and pursue her passion for designing.  She applied to Savannah College of Art & Design (SCAD) and didn’t get in.  She was crushed!  So she returned to NY, took sewing classes and applied to Parsons School of Design and got accepted!  At Parsons, she learned pattern making, branding, marketing, and the business of design.  She exclaimed, “I was determined to highlight my culture in a good way!”   That determination and steadfastness led to the launch of her label, “Everything Rouge” in 2015.  She chose the name, particularly, because of her love for the color red.

Tikolah: Melody, with the dawn of Black Panther and Wakanda, the demand for items/clothing with that African Flair is so high. How do you plan to stand out?

Melody: “By not getting caught up in competition. I aspire to be the Dior of my time.  My main goal is to stay true to my roots and my craft.  I tend to not follow trends.”

Tikolah: So what advice would you give someone who is hesitant to follow suit as a designer of African inspired attire?

Melody: “People will not like everything you do, do it anyway. Money should not be your initial motive.  Invest in yourself.  Pursue your passion until your passion pays your bills”

Melody was forthcoming with some questions to ask oneself before going into the fashion industry:

  • What void do I want to fill?
  • How do I plan to master it?
  • What would my client want?
  • Why would they need MY product?

Who inspires Melody? Her daily inspiration comes from fabrics and colors.  “There is just something about the texture and pattern of fabric that can send my mind zooming!”  Her fellow designer, Christian Siriano, is another source of inspiration because “He fearlessly designs for plus size women; his use of pigment and colors is amazing!”  Melody is most proud of her first appearance and NY Fashion Week and her shoot with Munaluchi Bride’s spring 2018 editorial! (Link it)  It is a feast of remarkable, colorful gowns where she toys with textures and patterns!

Melody, confidently, shares that the woman she designs for is “bold and fearless.” She continues, “The pieces I create should transform the mood of a person.  A woman should exude confidence in an “Everything Rouge” piece!”  Believe me when I say, Melody’s confidence is palpable in her Instagram posts!

If you desire that one of a kind bridal or prom gown with African flair, then look up Melody and her Label “Everrything RRouge” below. As usual, tell her Tikolah sent you!

Website: everrythingrrouge.com


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