Shepreneur on the Move! Naz Naturals’ Satta Wahab is on fire!!!

During the interview for this blog post I felt my chest begin to swell with pride.  I discovered this brand after a young woman, also a natural hair care enthusiast, kept responding “the problem is no product here (Liberia).”  So I took to the gram and discovered several continent based brands. I mean, brands with ingredients that the western world would love because they are free of all the “bad stuff” (parabens, formaldehyde, carcinogens, silicone, etc.), but filled with all of the good stuff!  Good stuff discussed later, you already know! I even sent them a DM to see if I could get my hands on some, but I received the standard reply, “we don’t ship to the US”. It hurt my product junkie feelings so badly because shipping anything out of Liberia is so costly, but I digress.  On to this visionary and her brand.

Meet Satta Nazneen Wahab, aka “Naz”, CEO and founder of Naz Naturals.  Naz lived in Accra circa 2014 and enjoyed having many product options for her natural hair; however, upon her return to Liberia she was limited in her choices.  So, she began to mix and create DIY products. Friends began asking her what she was using to make her hair flourish. Her answer to that question led to making batches and giving them away for free.  The demand for more product led to the birth of the brand in November 2016.

In her soft spoken voice she told me what set her product apart from others:  

“100% organic, absolutely NO HEAT is used in the production process. Additionally, in a country where we cannot afford imports, our products are affordable.  (In my head, well gon head lil mama!) Our products are shea butter based to provide moisture and manageability. There are no side effects compared with other product ingredients.  Our moisturizer is made with vegetable glycerin, shea butter and coconut oil. Our black soap cleanses without stripping because of the ingredients. All products 100% made in Liberia.”

ttp://”> Naz Naturals first Annual Curl Fest 2016

[/caption]People, the more I spoke to this young lady, the more I got pride related goosebumps!  You see, building this brand also led to “The Afro Curl Fest”. An annual event that came about after the brand surveyed customers asking how they can improve and discovered help was needed with actual hair care and that sharing of experiences was a necessary part of the natural hair care journey.  “Building a natural hair community that encourages young women to believe healthy natural hair was possible and beautiful.” Afro Curl Fest is an annual event In December with hands-on tutorials, vendors, and more! Naz Naturals’ strategic plans include the addition of a leave-in conditioner, product development, expansion nationwide and internationally and with a force like Naz, they will get there.   

Naz Naturals enriches its community by taking it a step further, past the natural hair community and into empowerment!  It employs university students to its sales and marketing team. Employees receive commission for marketing the product.  Naz Naturals is helping Liberia’s economy on its own scale. Yes, that was another goosebumps moment for me.

Tikolah: Naz what do you want people to know about Nazeen the woman?

Naz: That I am not just a girl.  I am a business woman and I want to be taken seriously.  My challenge is that I am young and female. (My peepoh, no Godpa business here!)  I recognize that confidence comes when women mentor other women (BOOM! She gets it!)

Tikolah: who inspires you?

Naz:  Richelieu Dennis     

Do I even need to say anything after this? Why yes, I do!  Since the May 2018, interview the brand has added a hair growth oil, leave-in conditioner, and a twist butter!  Last but not least, the Shepreneur recently received her degree.  Leave a message below to commend her on all of her many achievements! 

What makes you proud about African Millenials making moves?  Do you know of a entrepreneur we can feature?  Leave us a message To learn more about Satta Wahab and Naz Naturals, please follow their IG (here).  Show them some love and tell them Tikolah sent you!  


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Snorwlor Broplehreply
September 22, 2018 at 9:50 am

WOW! (beating my chest)….Thanks so much for this Tikolah! This post speaks volumes about the promising future for Liberia and Africa at large. Women DO run the world! Naz please keep grinding and busting through walls of difficulty and stereotypes! This may sound cliche…but YOU are Liberia’s present and future.

September 22, 2018 at 9:53 am
– In reply to: Snorwlor Bropleh

Yes indeed! She is a game changer!

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