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Welcome to part II of our wedding series showcasing the wedding cake!  After all, what’s a wedding without the art piece…I mean cake? Wedding cakes have evolved from being just tiers of cake with fountains to complete works of art featuring an array of flavors and so many kinds of icing.  A short story about how I came to know about this vendor.  Flashback to a friend’s wedding I attended in 1999 where I tasted the most moist and delicious wedding cake ever!  It was so good that I had to ask who made it.  That was the first time I heard of Shupan Abraham.  She can be found at R5 Bakery- Cakes by Shupan in Lithonia Georgia.

As a young girl, Shupan loved being in the kitchen.  Cooking and baking were her favorite past time, so making flavorful cakes comes naturally for her.  Cake decorating, however, came in the form of a challenge.  Shupan saw a picture of a clown cake and wanted it badly for her son’s 1st birthday.  The problem was: she didn’t know anyone who could recreate that cake. After her search came out empty handed, she decided to make the cake and decorate it herself.  Icing and decorating was unknown territory to her at that time, but she conquered it, nonetheless.  She found the clown pan and used notebook paper as her icing bag for that cake.  Notebook paper!  Just let that sink in for a second.  This was a woman on a mission for her child!  The clown cake turned out way more magnificent than she imagined.  She received so many compliments on her labor of love and that was when she realized that she was good at something.

She was so excited by this newly found skill that she decided to grow in her skill by taking classes.  She took cake decorating classes through several mastery levels.  She began to volunteer at events to put what she had learned to the test.  When new ideas came up and classes came to her home state she took every class that she could and volunteered along the way.  With her husband’s support she started her business and joined the Gwinnett Chamber of Commerce.  To this day she still takes classes to keep up with the innovation in the industry and continues to do research to keep up with trends.

  Why should you choose Cakes by Shupan for your special event?  If the clown cake challenge did not convince you, then keep reading to learn the work ethic of this dedicated woman.  When you book a consultation with Shupan, know that she will be honest about a design that may not work out because of the icing choice or type of cake chosen. “I use a consultative approach for potential customers who have no idea what they want.  Introducing shapes, flavors, and concepts to them to jump start their imagination” was her reply when asked about couples who haven’t a clue about the direction they want to go.  During our conversation she was forthcoming about the fact that she would rather have a couple take their business elsewhere than do what she knew was impossible for her.  She went on to say, “Even if you don’t go with me for that special day, feel free to call me with any questions.”  Shupan’s consultation will include a tasting first because “if you don’t like the taste, then why move forward?”  No truer words, Shupan!  I enjoyed her honesty in this interview!   Her advice on what couples should consider for wedding cakes: reception location (can sometimes influence the design), budget, theme (colors), flavors, and design.

A wife and mother, she put off growing her business to focus on her children at first.  This meant taking on less volume to allow her time to lead PTA and chaperone events at her kids’ school.  Now that her children are older, her business is in full swing and she can focus on it full time.  It is always interesting to hear the journey of entrepreneurs.  Shupan gives back to her community by sponsoring a graduating senior at her alma mater in Liberia- St. Theresa’s Convent High School. As a sponsor she is responsible for taking care of much of the cost associated with senior year and graduation.

Check out some of her delectable works of art and the bakery below on all social media outlets.  Of course, tell her Tikolah sent you!

IG: @cakes_by_shupan

FB: R5 Bakery- Cakes by Shupan






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June 15, 2018 at 9:29 am

Shupan is really gifted and enjoys what she does! She spreads that infectious smile and awesomeness to clients and associates. She is always my “go to” cake expert.

June 15, 2018 at 9:32 am
– In reply to: Hawa

Very, very talented indeed!

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