The sophistication behind “Kruwear”


Grooms and Groomsmen should be showstoppers on their wedding day too!  So, the final installment in our wedding series is a focus on the men!  Allow us to introduce you to a brand that does not mince with sophistication and details- Kruwear.  The brand was spawned in the mind of Charles Mombo, a self-proclaimed bow tie aficionado.  His love of bow ties grew from an admiration of bow tie wearing, Illinois State Senator, Paul Simon.  As Charles’ love of bow ties grew so did his yearning for uniquely printed and patterned bow-ties.  The growing problem was: he could not find any bow ties that were eye-catching enough to satisfy him.  So began the journey of Kruwear!

Kruwear is a men’s clothing line crafted from the passion and devotion to provide uniquely designed fashion selections for men.  Each piece is designed and made with love in the “Windy City”- Chicago.  The name of the brand derives from the Kru tribe in Liberia, West Africa where Charles spent his childhood years.  The brand’s logo is the Pygmy hippopotamus which is native to the swamps of Liberia.  One of the differentiating characteristics of the brand is that their bow ties are made using high quality fabrics that are sourced locally.  Charles poured himself into emerging this brand by doing a SWOT analysis (his business background was useful here) and taking sewing classes.  He drew from his professional background but sought to cultivate his artistic side during the process.

Charles was born in Monrovia, Liberia and has lived in Chicago for the past 33 years.  He is a dedicated father of 4 children.  He has a background in computer science and business, holding Masters degree in both areas.  He has worked as a Software Engineer and Adjunct professor.  These days he has also cofounded a digital marketing company called Surge Synergy.  Charles gives back to the community as a volunteer with Service Corps of Retired Executives (SCORE).  As a volunteer her teaches free seminars, workshops, and business mentorship to small business owners in the greater Chicago area.  He also offers small business workshops at a local library on his own time.  I did not hesitate to consult with him on the launch of this blog.

When asked what motivates him, he reconstructed the question to- “what keeps me motivated?”  This brought a smile to my face because I have learned that this question sparks a uniquely personal reaction from each person I interview.  Charles’ reply was:

“Knowing that I am not limited and can literally accomplish anything that I strongly desire!  I start everyday with an attitude of gratitude and make it a habit to express thankfulness in all parts of my life.  Knowing that I can bring my ideas into fruition by praying and taking massive action; seeing in my mind’s eye that my prayers have been answered.  That is completely different from reciting some prayer!”

 At Tikolah, we are always intrigued by how brands impact the communities on the continent or in the diaspora.  When asked about this, Charles is eager to share that he has seen “an entrepreneurial spirit emerging out of Liberia.”  He is planning a trip to study the market and the possibilities of interfacing with business to help expose brands, products, and services to the global market.

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